Sunday, September 10, 2006

Summer, just

So the summer has returned for one last spell before the Swedish eternal darkness descends for good. Last week saw rain almost every day, and running in the evenings means returning in darkness. I've started running in long trousers now. Amazing how quickly the summer goes. But the sun's out today, at least. The Swedish General Election is drawing closer, and the child-like bickering is most amusing. I guess the 'problem' is that there isn't really that much to argue about in this country. Most amusing of all the the much shouted about Folkpartiet-gate, where apparently one of the parties hacked into one of the others network, supposedly stealing electoral secrets. Well, I say 'hacked' where in fact it was one of the users' password that was the same as his name. Very secure. Is it immoral to exploit others stupidity? Apparently it's illegal, but come on!

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