Monday, September 18, 2006

The morning after the night before

This is good for Sweden. Perhaps work will pay again. Perhaps people can get to decide more about how they want their health and child care, education and business conducted, instead of having the government dictate it to them. Hopfefully the more obnoxious, unfair taxes, such as property and wealth tax, will now be abolished. A small government dealing only in such matters which a government should deal with, and not meddling in matters concerning the individual.

A regime change right in the middle of a period of economic growth is unprecedented, and a serious vote of no confidence for the previous ruling elite which had become too accustomed to the seats of power.

Let freedom ring.


JK said...

A centre right coalition winning after years of a centre left party in power. David Cameron must be rubbing his hands together.

What's the betting that David changes his name to Fredrik fairly soon.

Andy Gale said...

I have no idea what's going on here as my knowledge of Swedish politics is limited.

Have Sweden just dumped Labor for the Tories? I would read about it, but it'll be in Swedish.

Karma Police said...

John - amusingly, David Cameron and Fredrik Reinfeldt are old chums apparently, and very much off the same mould, much closer to 'new labour' than 'old tory'.

Andy - pretty much, but after a century of (old) Labour (mis)rule.