Monday, September 04, 2006

Steve Irwin

So Steve 'Croc Hunter' Irwin finally met his match, in the shape of a sting ray. Ironically, being killed by a sting ray is very rare indeed - apparently only one other recorded case in Oz. I learnt the hard - or sharp, shall we say - way why they're called sting rays when diving off the coast of Belize a few years back. One swish of the tail, and a very bleeding hand.

Steve himself had a loyal following all around the world, it would seem. Even Slashdot covered the story, which is about as far away from its normal fayre one can get. We actually passed by his Australia Zoo when we travelled up the east coast of Oz in January, but we never went in.

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David said...

You somehow get the sense if he could choose a way to go... it would not exactly have been in his bed of old age.