Friday, December 08, 2006


Sarah completed her F6c+ project down the wall the other night in smooth style. I will now have to watch my back as she's climbed every route I have climbed so far this year. Very worrying trend indeed. We also completed our mortgage application with the usual fun and games when it comes to insurance.

"Oh, you climb? No problem. Do you climb harder than Severe, or on routes not protected by bolts?"

Please. Severe? My 3yo niece can climb Severe.

"Eeh, oh well, we'll have to consult further. At least you never climb unroped?"

Very tempting to pull out that picture of Sarah astride "The Hunk" in Bishop.

"Skiing, diving, horse riding?"

He'll get back to us, he said.

On the home front we're celebrating Maud's birthday today. Big up to you, and see you soon. It is indeed incredible that Christmas is upon us again.

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