Friday, January 29, 2010

On The Road, again

We're about to take off again for a bit of a road trip. Recharging batteries. Making sure we don't go soft. The house, although upside down with packing etc is still rather less upside down than it has been for a while. Winter kit upended on the floor, skis, boots - now where did the skins go? Harscheisen found stuffed in the boot bag. Avalanche tranceiver at least in its rightful place, in my rightmost sock drawer. Four weeks of the white stuff.

After that, a week in Rjukan for some frozen waterfalls. Never climbed ice before, so really looking forward to that. Then a month in Font. Would really like to get back to V6 again. Actually - to get to V6 full stop, as the only one I've done was down-graded. Will has kindly gone out of his way to produce the mother of all tick lists with detailed beta. After that, the idea is to head down to Provence to clip some bolts for the remainder, and come back ripped and with a set of trophy routes to our names :)


John said...

Hi both - hopefully we'll follow this trip better than the last. Presume you got away on time and arrived safely.Good luck & take s&j

Salgo said...

Enjoy being all middle class and going on and extended holiday.

Hope you got there alright and that. I look forward to your first smugger-than-thou blog post.