Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Lisa E8

Lisa Rands recently climbed 'Gaia' (E8), Johnny Dawes' Black Rocks grit masterpiece. You may recall the heart-stopping opening sequence from the film 'Hard Grit', where JMTT falls from the top of it and is very lucky to walk away reasonably unscathed. That's Lisa's second E8 after the other JD masterpiece, 'End of the Affair' at Curbar. She's the only woman in the world operating at this level on God's own rock.

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Andy G said...

Christ - what a girl. Just looking at those climbs scares me. Ever had a close up look at New Statesman at Ilkley Stef? It's impossible to see how you can actually get off the ground on that one, let alone carry on up and hang on to NOTHING for 40 feet or so.