Wednesday, February 15, 2006


In Scandinavia, Denmark is considered a bit of a backwater, skiing-wise. If you go to one of the southern ski resorts in Sweden or Norway and come across a car stuck in the snow, you just know that it will have Danish plates. The highest 'mountain' in Denmark is 300-odd metres, and having no proper winters, they don't have the right equipment, or experience to drive a car in winter conditions. Similarly, if the lift suddenly stops half way up you just know that a Danish skier just got on and promptly fell over, or tried to get off with the same result.

In our little apartment block here in Val Thorens, a big crowd of Danes moved in in the flat above last weekend. You know the type, all the gear, none of the clue. Not able to ski much, they instead partake in the most Danish of national sports - alcohol poisoning. Sure, it happens in ski resorts. However, when throwing up after too much drink, it's advisable to aim for the toilet, rather than over the edge of the balcony, as it inevitably will land on the balcony below - namely OURS.

It's not nice.


Andy G said...

And their cartoons are crap too.

Anonymous said...

First the snowboarders, now the Danish, who's next? And lets be fair, when was the last time that the Swedes got their embassies burned down?