Friday, February 02, 2007

TFI Friday

Weekend starts here! Or, weekend starts after another five hours of project meetings. We're very Agile in our approach to project management. Heading for sunny Twyford this weekend to meet up with the usual suspects. The following exchange took place:

Chris: Who's coming for a run with me on Saturday morning?

Cath responds with:

Plan for weekend (and yes it does resemble a military operation):
Nana arrives after work (with invitations, car keys and make up bag!!)
Nana and Cath make invites, Dave cooks dinner
Chris arrives on last train from London (Cath and Dave will likely be in bed but will leave back door open - go thru gate at side of house assuming Nana doesn't want to stay up)
Sat -
6am Dave leaves for work
8am Cath to stables
Nana and Chris amuse themselves/make invites (Nana do you want me to get some cream paper so you can use our computer to do the insides??)
Chris goes for run
14:30 - Dave back from work Cath back from stables
Sarah and Stef arrive hopefully before
16:00 Eng v Scotland (Super 12 if Eng game is appalling)
18:00 Cath to stables to put horses to bed and collect take away on way back (mainly because I can't see how I'm going to fit shopping for food in!)
Sun -
6am Dave leaves for work
8am - Cath to stables (to ride horse no1 and muck out)
10am - Cath back from stables
10:30am - Nana, Sarah and Cath appointment with dressmaker (she has confirmed she can see us just waiting to hear back from her re time)
11:30am - Sarah and Cath to stables to ride other 2 horses
13:00 Juniors arrive
13:30 - Sunday lunch at Green Man
14:30 - Dave back from work
15:00 - depart for various homes (or stay to watch Ire v Wales)
16:00 - Dave takes Nix and Shane to Heathrow
Simple really!!!
Let me know if any comments etc

Chris: I'd really hoped for more of a structured weekend.

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