Wednesday, January 25, 2006

The End

So, this is the end.

Last day in the Southern hemisphere, we've checked out of the Dreamtime hostel in Cairns and now just waiting for the taxi to take us to the airport. We have a nice 24h trip in front of us, broken up only by a 4h stopover in Singapore. The four months of this trip has passed rather quickly it seems. Seems like it was only yesterday my hands were bleeding from 9 pitches of Serenity Crack and Sons of Yesterday on the Royal Arches in Yosemite. Or seeing Sarah's smiling face after being hauled up after her canyon swing in Queenstown. So many memories, and the skiing is yet to come!

The next few days will be crazy. Landing at 6am Thursday, we're meeting up with our good friends Cath, Dave, Nana and Chris near Reading. On Friday we should be back in Brizzle, dumping the camping and climbing gear swapping it for our skis, and then it's off again 6am Saturday. It's a hard life.

Must dash, Sarah needs to check the latest snow report for Val Thorens..

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